Shoji Ohtsuka President Oricom Co., Ltd. / 大塚尚司

On behalf of Oricom and the Oricom Group, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to everyone.
In 1922, Oricom founder Iwajiro Saito established Japan's first newspaper insert advertisement business
in Ginza, Tokyo. Since then, the company has continued to succeed as a business with a bountiful
venture spirit, creating along the way the business model for modern transportation advertisements
as well as achieving various other milestones. We will be celebrating our 100th anniversary in April 2022.
The sense of value of consumers has greatly changed with the times. We have searched and provided
society with a means of communication for the times. And today, starting with observing the consumer,
we are devising how the creation of good relationships between consumers and customers can be tied to
customer success and enrich society. This is mentioned in our corporate philosophy of “creating as many
good relationships in society as possible.”
The consumers’ sense of value will grow more and more diversified as social environments become more
and more uncertain. However, we promise to continue with the same venture spirit that we have had
since our founding to create as many better relationships through communication as possible,
no matter how society changes. I hope you look forward to our future activities.