ORICOM CO., LTD.Corporate Philosophy

To create as many good relationships in society as possible

Our business is communication, and we want to succeed through communication.
That is indeed creating as many good relationships in society as possible.
If we can create as many of the various relationships that exist in society – for example,
between businesses, between businesses and people, between people and people,
between products/services and users, and between brands and their aficionados –
in the best way possible, then it will be filled with a collective body of these relationships.
We will make the connection between consumers and customers, and we are designing
the blueprint to do so. Furthermore, we will maintain and develop this connection.
We will unify the desires of consumers and customers to create and strengthen this bond.
We place what we want to value the most in creating these good relationships in the consumer.
We always start with observing the consumer, and we always get our ideas from there.
We want to know the consumer better than anyone, have an understanding of consumer sentiment
better than anyone, and move people more than anyone.
Our goal is to fill society with better relationships to create harmony and enrich it.