With the rapid progress of the digitization of society, the initiative in marketing communication has transferred from companies to the consumer. And now, amid the paradigm shift in society, lifestyles are changing, work styles are changing, and the very awareness and behavior of the consumer is exposed to great changes.

The wellspring of our business at Oricom is the ability to generate ideas originating from the consumer.
We believe that the key to resolving our clients' business challenges lies in people's daily lives, their sites of consumption, and their experiences. Each of us is dedicated to observing not the limited scope of our clients' user base but more broadly the consumer, and studying the changes in the consumer.
Today, with digital technology deeply ingrained in our lives, we can visualize the consumer's moves with behavioral data in addition to traditional observation and research.
We explore various approaches to grasping the real world of the consumer, share our observations and theories with the client, flesh out their challenges, identify the optimal timing and point of contact, and create and deliver communication that strikes a chord with the consumer.

Fixing our sights on the ever-changing consumer, creating good rapport between the consumer and our clients, establishing bonds, and strengthen them—our mission is to fill society with better relationships, and to realize social harmony and enrichment as a result.