Shoji Ohtsuka President Oricom Co., Ltd. / 大塚尚司

On behalf of Oricom and the Oricom Group, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to you all.

In 1922, Oricom founder Iwajiro Saito established Japan's first newspaper insert advertisement business in Ginza, Tokyo. Since then, the company has built a history of more than 90 years as a business with a bountiful venture spirit, creating along the way the business model for modern transportation advertisements as well as achieving various other milestones.

Having inherited the DNA for this venture spirit, we are continuing to generate new ideas on a zero-base, always giving priority to clients' benefits as we aim to be a "quality communication/business company" that moves people's hearts.

Today, the changes to our world are daily and never ending. However, regardless of how communication methods change, we believe that wonderful ideas will always move people's hearts.

Furthermore, we believe it is our mission to be a company that can generate wonderful ideas to contribute to the success of clients.

At Oricom, we intend to continue to generate unprecedented value, and we look forward to meeting your high expectations.